Kabini Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

Kabini Tiger Reserve

The trip included 4 Jungle safaris, organized by @wildterrain, with stay at Jungle Lodges & Resorts.

  • 1 afternoon jeep safari
  • 2 early Morning jeep safaris
  • 1 afternoon boat safari


Tiger Series 

On our first jeep safari itself (afternoon one), we spotted a tiger at a waterhole. Many jeeps were already there.

Had to wait a long time for it to come out. Fortunately, it came towards us (~50-100m), rested a while, and went into the woods.







Elephant Series 

Many elephant shots came during the boat safari. It is an excellent way to see the wildlife around the backwaters of Kabini.


This guy is enjoying his mud bath


Another one enjoying a mud spray




Grass for the deers; deforested land for the elephant



Shot this one to depict the scale


The art of plucking out the grass


They seem to be sharing a joke!


This temple is situated within the forest, by the riverside



Baby Elephants 





Growing among Giants





Trunk & Trail friendship

Tusker Series



Kicking the ground and plucking out the grass to eat


A tale of two tusks



Bird Series 

Grey Heron






Bird in water, Fish in air!


Hunger Vs Survival!




Woolly-necked stork followed by a Little-ringed Plover

Great Egret



Brown fish owl


Indian Roller – State bird of Karnataka



White breasted kingfisher


Osprey enjoying its prey! 



A Peacock tried flirting with a peahen… But the peahen didn’t even look at him!



A black kite


A Red-whiskered bulbul just out of a shower


A Crested serpent eagle with its head turned 270 degrees! 

Black n White Series








The boat safari started on a cloudy note around 4 PM, but after some time, the right amount of sunlight started coming to shoot the wildlife better.



Sunset view from the boat safari