Italy – Lake Como

A Weekend @ Lake Como, Italy

All are mobile pics, shot on Galaxy S7.


Morning view from our AirBnB apartment..


The rise of the Roman Empire came with so many things including wealthy and powerful people building villas near Lake Como.

This eventually led to a villa culture called Villa Epoche


#1 Varenna

This town of 800 people offers the best of all lake worlds.
Varenna has a romantic promenade, a tiny harbor, and narrow lanes.
These buildings are stringently protected. You can’t even change the color of your home without asking permission.

Homes and buildings in beguiling shades of pastel drape a steep hillside that juts ever so slightly into the lake, forming a natural harbor.

The waterfont is lined with bars, trattorias, and gelaterias
Just relax over a leisurely breakfast or lunch on the waterfront while soaking in the views that never seem to quit.



#2 Bellagio


If you’re coming from Varenna by car to Bellagio, it’s most effective to do so by ferry.

Even in the height of summer, Lake Como is relatively mild and cool thanks to the mountains.

Bellagio is not a big city, as it only has about 3500 residents that live there full time.
Bellagio, the self-proclaimed “Pearl of the Lake” is a classy combination of Old World elegance and new world luxury.

boasts elegant shopping arcades along the harbor, pricey boutiques and elegant restaurants.


The scenery is simply amazing!
Lake Como has been a popular retreat for aristocrats and wealthy people since Roman times

Now, it is the celebrities.. This is also the area where George Clooney has a villa, but unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen.
Other celebrities like Brad Pitt, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc have bought a villa in this heavenly abode.

The lake offers its own distinctive aura, with a magnificent view of the Alps and clouds add the drama…

#3 Mennagio


Weather can change quite quickly..



#Evenings by the lakeside





Lake Como offers scenic seclusion. This is the lake view at nighttime from the apartment window, with inner reflection of the apartment area.